PARENT STOCK Cages General Characteristics

Facco’s Parent Stock battery cage is the result of a cooperation with the major world layer breeders and the result is the ideal battery cage for Layer Breeders where the mating and minimum egg breakage are matched with an optimum breeding environment.

REARING Cages General Characteristics

Well aware that the successful laying results derives from a proper rearing phase Facco has developed a number of systems aimed to obtaining production uniformity, low mortality both in its Pyramidal configuration and in its manure belt type.

LAYER Cages General Characteristics

The vast range of solutions available grants the fulfillment of any type of layer production or density. The special design of the cage floor “soft balanced” which allows a very low egg breakage is one of Facco’s most appreciated features present in all layer cage configurations.

BROILER cages General Characteristics

With this new type of cage now it is possible to produce high quality broilers with low production costs. This cage put together the advantages of battery cages installation with the advantages of floor installations.


More Profit for Your Investment

Automation will increase your ability to cut feeding, collection and maintenance costs. System and equipment automation can also help you profit from operational scale and waste recovery.