Facco West Africa Ltd is a reputable company that provides a complete Equipment and automation for Poultry, live stock and Agriculture production. Working in partnership with Facco C&SPA one of the leaders in the industry in design and production of quality poultry equipment, for today’s farmers need and future requirement in Poultry production.

In cooperated in 1977 in Nigeria, located in Lagos Nigeria with branch office and sub distributors in the Northern and Eastern parts of Nigeria including the capital city of Abuja.

Since the company started business in 1977 Facco West Africa Ltd has been able work with our client and satisfy every single need a customer may require and as a result become one of the leading companies in the poultry equipment sector of Nigeria poultry and Agriculture industry. Working in partnership with Facco C.& C .P. A and other international company. We offer supply and solution for Poultry which include Rearing, Layer, Parent Stock, Ventilation, cooling, Heating system, Manure Treatment, Manure removing, Feeding system, Turn key projects and production equipment, with consideration for the environment, welfare of workers, birds and profit for farmers.

This is possible thanks to a flexible, dynamic and modern organization that ensure quick response to and committed after sales service to it’s clientele, dedication to service of our client.

More Profit for Your Investment

Automation will increase your ability to cut feeding, collection and maintenance costs. System and equipment automation can also help you profit from operational scale and waste recovery.