From the classic hot air space heating systems to the exclusive and patented hot water/air heating system in cage DHSU, Facco can certainly identify and suggest the most suitable heating system

Suspended Hot Air Generator

Suspended Hot Air Generators

This system, originally designed for hot countries, has been successfully adapted to countries with cold winters. It couples simplicity and reliability with efficiency and flexibility. Bu associating it with the right type f ventilation great temperature uniformity can be reached. In the standard model the fumes are sent outside the shed but direct burning type models can also be supplied.

Jet Diffuser

Jet Diffuser

Since many decades this a system satisfactorily utilized by many Facco’s Customers. It can be associated with standard hot air generating units or suspended hot air generator. It is normally equipped with an automatic shutter and an air intake to the outside so that fresh air can e introduced thus granting minimum ventilation.

Hot Water Heating

A Facco exclusive and patented system for high uniformity in temperature inside a rearing shed. The system sends hot water produced in a dedicated boiler to the DHS heat exchangers which are warming up the air and send it to the manure duct in the middle of the cages. The hot air distributed at birds’ level ensures an high temperature uniformity while reducing the fuel consumption, improving the minimum ventilation and the manure drying. The heat exchanger can be equipped with humidifying units to maintain the ideal humidity even while heating. The system is automatic and controlled by the Smart computer.

Hot Water Heating System Without Humidifyer (Left) & With Humidifyer (Right)

Hot Water Heating System Without Humidifyer (Left) & With Humidifyer (Right)

Heavy Duty Clicky Type Heating

Heavy Duty Clicky Type Heating

“Cicky” Type Heating

Designed and proved in heating of poultry and agricultural sheds it allows to be installed both inside or outside and it is characterized for the peculiar heavy duty constructive features: Thanks to the high degree of insulation of its electrical parts (IP 44) and anti condensation devices it can be placed outside even in extreme conditions (high rain or fog percentage in the year).

Hot Air Generator

Hot Air Generators

This system uses fixed air heating units in conjunction with a JDV system to send the air through the shed in an economic efficient and uniform way. Various capacity generators with well dimensioned stainless steel combustion chambers combines sturdiness and easy maintenance. The big exchange surface allows a fuel efficiency and saving. The fumes produced are sent outside for maximum comfort.

More Profit for Your Investment

Automation will increase your ability to cut feeding, collection and maintenance costs. System and equipment automation can also help you profit from operational scale and waste recovery.