Feeding System Hopper Stack

Since the early days considered the most accomplished company in the market place for the reliability of the system and accuracy of its feed distribution, Facco knows this is and essential point to ensure best economical results. Since 50 years Facco has studied and improved its feeding system in cages to prevent feed wastage and to grant an ideal feed conversion and a uniform feed distribution. Even though the feeding system range includes also the Chain Feeding system thanks to the design which integrates all the composing elements (feed trough design, feed rough support, leveling device) Facco’s hopper feeding system , as confirmed by the largest poultry farmers world wide and by the various attempts to copy it by various producers , is undutiful the best feeding system presently in the market.

Thanks to the integrated special design of both feed trough and leveling device an uninterrupted feed distribution even when fraters are in the feed trough.

The feed is uniformly distributed by replenishing only the feed eaten. Special attention to details has been placed in the hopper design to ensure total reliability.

The special heavy duty design of Facco’s hopper feeder allows to reach extreme lengths (over 150 m) with feed loading only on one side and with a huge saving in power consumption.

A cable safety device allows to stop the hopper in case of accidental foreign objects in the feed trough thus preserving the plasticized steel cable.

In the rearing cages a dedicated design allows to supply a lot of feed during the first days ensuring a good weight uniformity.

In the following pullet period (45-120 days) the flexibility allowed by its design grant the optimal use of the leveler and feed wastage.

Even though the optimum results achieved by the hopper feeding system make it the most popular feeding system, FACCO supplies also a chain feeding system where the drive unit, the curves and the chain itself are produced with special care towards the components quality and their reliability.


Special attention to details has been placed in the hopper design for battery cages with catwalk as to ensure maximum flexibility in utilization and total reliability.

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Automation will increase your ability to cut feeding, collection and maintenance costs. System and equipment automation can also help you profit from operational scale and waste recovery.