Pyramidal “A Frame” Rearing Cage

Facco has always been placing devoting special attention in designing rearing cages and it is worldwide renown for the unmatched results achieved by its users. In designing this type of cages main focus has been the well being of the bird from day old to pullet stage and this is why we’ve chosen to name of Comfort for this model. This A frame line is produced in 3 and 4 tiers configuration to optimize the cost/capacity ratio. The A frame model is particularly suited for small medium size installations. It allows reaching very good results with a simple management.

The COMFORT model for simplicity and modern management solutions:

The manure removing combines simplicity and efficiency. The main feature of Facco's A frame cages is the total protection from manure thanks to the design of the polyetilene deflectors. The manure is sent directly in the lower pit and partially only on the manure deflectors thus avoiding any contamination from manure to the birds in the lower tiers. The cage frame is of surd heavy duty quality. The anti corrosion treatments grants a long life also in particularly aggressive environments. Both the antiwaste profile and the drinking lines are adjustable in height by a centralized control. The careful design of the cage, the type of door, the analysis of the best position for the drinking system contribute to an extreme comfort of the birds and an easy management of the installation. From the first day the birds find the best environment for their uniform growth thus granting a uniform an good productivity as adult birds.

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