With its first model introduced before the beginning of the ’70 he belt cleaning model best represents the constant improvement and innovation spirit which characterizes Facco’ products. This model nowadays called “C3 type” is definitely the most suited for the 21st century poultry production as it optimizes the ratio between density and shed’s volume thus best fulfilling the present days dimensional requirements. This typology is also suited for sheds where the manure can be removed periodically thus allowing a better control of the inside environmental conditions as it reduces the creation of flies. The simple installation required and lack of structural constrains makes it ideal for refurbishing of existing houses.

The “C3 type” is offered in 3 different models and various solutions to meet he most different needs and solutions:


More Profit for Your Investment

Automation will increase your ability to cut feeding, collection and maintenance costs. System and equipment automation can also help you profit from operational scale and waste recovery.